2018 Mission: Pic Calendar refill

Mission: Pic

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2018 Mission: Pic Calendar refill

**Refill only, this does not come with the poplar clipboard. But if you purchased the full calendar last year then you're all set!**

This year's calendar features the amazing photographic stylings of your fellow Mission: Pic luminaries. Each month showcases the winner from the corresponding mission in 2017. For example, the January image features the winner from Mission: January, the February mission features the winner from Mission: February, etc.

And this calendar doesn't come with a puny 12 pages like some of those lazier, schlubbier calendars out there. NO! This calendar comes with a whopping THIRTEEN PAGES! (On account of February was a tie so we're going to give you both of them and let you decide which photo you want to marvel at on during those cold winter nights.)

Each calendar page is professionally printed on 100lb matte card stock. 

The calendars are 6" x 9", the perfect size to either keep on your desk or hang on your wall. Worth noting, they're also the perfect size to buy in bulk and handout to strangers on the street.

Get 'em while they're hot!

Love, luck and lollipops,



Photo Credits:

Josie Sees This - January (Again!)
Aashild and Bjørn - February
White1823 - March (pending approval)
_Lori_ - April
Bagganne - May
Smeesmii - June
3946Galligan - July
Kathy2274 📷🙋🏻 - August
Blessed Pen - September
Eleanor - October
OUT_OF_MY_BOX - November (pending approval)
Amypav - December